SFCC Emergency Preparedness walkabout

We are inviting you (Sherwood Forest) to our SFCC Emergency Preparedness walkabout of Sherwood Forest on this Saturday, May 21st starting at 4pm.

We will start at 16244 NE 27th St, then to 16223 NE 26th St, then to 16255 NE 26th St, then to 16246 NE 24th St (my house), then to 2406 161st Ave NE, then to 2431 161st Ave NE, then to 15938 NE 28th St and end at 15923 NE 27th PL.

Some of us will have “Grab and Go” kits/bags talked about in our March meeting about “Action Plan” for a brief visual aid.  (Each month we have a new month of the https://mil.wa.gov/personal calendar. Next month will be “Store Water”)

We will be talking about what we have done, learning from you, enjoying the walking, share what we know about CERT and enjoying the neighborhood.  Feel free to ask questions, walk with us, or just see us when we meet in your neighborhood area.

We are doing this walk because last year’s walk was so fun and inspiring that we have talked about it in ever since. 


Emergency specific info: https://sherwoodforestbellevue.org/emergency-preparedness/

General information and specific meeting times: https://sherwoodforestbellevue.org/

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