Since the Sherwood Forest Community Club was founded in 1958, the boundaries of this neighborhood have grown to include the addition of the Sherwood Gardens and Peachtree developments, and now encompass 219 homes.

Deriving its strength through the years from the volunteer efforts of the residents, the Sherwood Forest Community Club has had a significant record of serving our immediate neighborhood and the community at large. Members have often served on committees concerned with community issues such as land use, development, traffic, and human services, and have also been appointed to various City Commissions and Boards, as well as elected to the City Council; former Mayor, Gary Zimmerman, was a Sherwood Forest resident.

Sherwood Forest residents become involved in issues which affect not only our immediate neighborhood, but the Overlake and Crossroads areas, and the greater City of Bellevue as well. When necessary, we write letters, sign petitions, and attend public hearings and City Council meetings. The Sherwood Forest Community Club’s influence in the various issues in which it has been involved is acknowledged and respected by other neighborhoods and Community Clubs in this City. We represent a powerful example of what a group of interested and concerned citizens can do about issues, and we can look back, with pride, at the accomplishments of this organization. Without the intensive efforts of many Sherwood Forest Community Club members through the years:

Evergreen Highlands, where Microsoft is presently situated, might have become a major shopping center;

The land zoned for office northwest of the Sherwood Forest neighborhood might have been developed with 500 apartment units;

Zoning for what now is the Bellmoor block on the west edge of Sherwood Forest, ( what used to be called the “Horse Farm” ), might have been changed from single family residential to Multi-family or Office zoning.

A Safeway Super Store may have been built in the Crossroads area;

John Hancock’s proposed development of Phase III in the Meadow of the Unigard site would have vacated an important land use agreement and deprived the community of valuable open space. The involvement of the Sherwood Forest Community Club has been critical to the final equitable resolution of this major land use issue;

Puget Sound Energy had planned to locate the substation in the Sherwood Forest area.  After meeting with neighborhood representatives who presented a petition signed by many Sherwood Forest residents, they have changed the proposed location of the substation to west of BelRed road in a more appropriate industrial area.

Through the years, our collective voice has been heard by the City of Bellevue–we have clearly made a difference. The future will continue to present challenges to the safety, welfare and integrity of our neighborhood. Let us continue to believe in the ability of the Sherwood Forest Community Club to join together to meet those challenges.