BTC update [ June 2019]

Hello Sherwood Forest,

Hopefully most of you are already aware but BTC withdraw it development application last month. I had forgotten to provide an update on our site.

The owners of the Bellevue Technology Center withdrew the application last minute before City Council could make a final recommendation. We want to thank you for all your engagement and participation. This outcome was only possible because of the strong response from the community. City leaders heard your voice, loud and clear so, THANK YOU for your support.

While we are very happy with the current outcome, we are hoping you remain involved and continue to pay attention to future communications on this important topic. BTC’s lawyers are already exploring other ways to get what they want, so chances are we will have to fight them again in the future.

Have a great summer and thanks again!

Stop BTC redevelopment

Bellevue Technology Center has once again submitted an application to amend Bellevue’s Comprehensive Plan. Once again SFCC has coordinated the response with other Northeast Bellevue neighborhoods to present a well educated and organized front that opposes the redevelopment. If approved,  their application could result on the removal of the restriction currently governing the site.

We have created a “Save our Neighborhoods” campaign  that we will use to counter the applicants proposal. Please help us stop BTC development by:

1.– Signing the paper and/or online petition from “Save our Neighborhoods” at:

2.– Attend the April 24th public hearing with the Planning Commission at 6:30pm at Bellevue City Hall. If you can, wear green so everyone can see you are there in support of our neighborhoods.

Thank you!

Sherwood Forest Community Club Board and Trustees

Sherwood Forest Community Club Annual Meeting – Thursday October 25th, 2018

Please join us at the Annual Meeting, meet your neighbors, express your opinion and participate actively in your community.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Election of new officers
  • Treasurer’s report for fiscal year 2018
    • review of membership dues
  • Review of SFCC Board 2017-2018
  • SFCC covenant review
  • City of Bellevue’s Neighborhood Area Planning program
  • Discussion of goals and direction of SFCC

DATE:  Thursday October 25, 2018

TIME: 7:00 PM

PLACE: Interlake High School Library

(16245 24th St NE, Bellevue, WA)

A copy of the Ballot will be distributed to your home in the October Newsletter. To vote please bring this Ballot to the Annual Meeting or mail it by October 23rd to:

Sherwood Forest Community Club

P.O. Box 7344, Bellevue WA 98008

August Newsletter

The August Newsletter is ready and being distributed by our amazing block reps in the next few days. Please take a moment to get to know you block rep when he/she is visiting and thank them for their work.

Click this link to access the digital version of the newsletter: August 2018 Newsletter

Please reach out to the board our your block rep if you have any questions or are interested in participating in SFCC.

New wood fence at BTC

You surely noticed that a new wood fence was installed this May on the north-east corner of the BTC property. SFCC pressed the City of Bellevue for details on this project and the City responded indicating they were going to have BTC submit a Land Use Exemption for the project. The official reasoning and approval from the city ( Dated July 23, 2018) can be found here:  18-119396-lj-bellevue-technology-center-fence

For this and other Land Use related topics visit our Land Use section.