Committee Charters

Block Watch Committee

Develop and implement, block-by-block, the City of Bellevue Block Watch program to promote residential awareness, safety, and security.

Involve Block Representatives and other residents in this effort of community safety.

Community Connections Committee

Organize and coordinate community events to foster the sense of community among SFCC residents. Examples are: Annual Block Party, Pumpkin carving contest, etc.

Communication Committee

Develop and maintain an electronic communication system. Help with publication of Quarterly SFCC newsletters and any other community material.

Block Representatives will distribute printed material such as SFCC newsletters etc to residents.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Develop and implement a block-by-block preparedness program to address impacts from severe storms, earthquakes, and other disaster.

Involve Block Representatives to educate residents on the program.

Land Use Committee

Monitor Bellevue and Redmond land use development proposals affecting the Sherwood Forest neighborhood. Have contact with City of Bellevue officials on Land Use. Be involved with City of Bellevue Land Use events, send summary of event back to SFCC Board.

Neighborhood Enhancement Committee

Monitor the Bellevue Neighborhood Enhancement program, including announcements and proposals for northeast Bellevue from City of Bellevue. Solicit feedback from residents, via Block Representatives, and other means such as social media, email etc, on enhancements to the neighborhood.

Traffic & Transportation Committee

Monitor and report to the SFCC Board of Directors regarding traffic flow patterns and speeds throughout SFCC neighborhood. Monitor Bellevue and Redmond transportation plans, proposals, and projects with the potential to impact the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood