SFCC Pumpkin Carving Contest

NOTE: We are extending the dateline to register for the contest until October 31st.

We invite you to participate on the Sherwood Forest Pumpkin Carving Contest. Grab a pumpkin, carve it, and send your registration to our sfccbellevue@hotmail.com address by October 31st. (Note we extended our previous deadline until the end of the month).

Here are the general rules:

Pumpkins must be carved, but other decoration is allowed. One pumpkin per SF household member. Send a picture, name, pumpkin name, age and address (so people can see it displayed). A group of independent judges will select a winner for each category: Kids (under 12), Adults (13+) Funniest, Scariest, Most creative, and lastly a survey will select a Fan Favorite.

If the bragging rights don’t sway you, We will also have prices including gift cards from our sponsors in the crossroads mall: Tutta Bella, Creatively yours ceramic studio, GameOver videogames and Ivars.

If you don’t feel you’re cut out to carve a pumpkin, why not be a contest judge?   We’re looking for 6 people to be on the judge’s panel.   If this interests you, please send an email to sfccbelelvue@hotmail.com  

SFCC fall newsletter & annual meeting

Hello Neighbors,

Our Fall 2021 newsletter should be arriving to your front door very soon. We hope you find it intersting and useful. You can find an electronic copy here:

In the newsletter you will find information about our upcoming virtual annual meeting. We will use our annual event to share information and accomplishments from this past year, meet your neighbors (online), provide your input and participate in our community.

DATE: Thursday October 21, 2021

TIME: 7:00 PM

PLACE: Online: Zoom: https://bit.ly/SFCCzoom

A copy of the Ballot will be distributed to your home in the October Newsletter. We will vote online during the annual meeting or you can also mail this ballot by October 19st to:

Sherwood Forest Community Club

P.O. Box 7344, Bellevue WA 98008

We look forward to seeing you there!

SFCC Board