SFCC Pumpkin Carving Contest

NOTE: We are extending the dateline to register for the contest until October 31st.

We invite you to participate on the Sherwood Forest Pumpkin Carving Contest. Grab a pumpkin, carve it, and send your registration to our sfccbellevue@hotmail.com address by October 31st. (Note we extended our previous deadline until the end of the month).

Here are the general rules:

Pumpkins must be carved, but other decoration is allowed. One pumpkin per SF household member. Send a picture, name, pumpkin name, age and address (so people can see it displayed). A group of independent judges will select a winner for each category: Kids (under 12), Adults (13+) Funniest, Scariest, Most creative, and lastly a survey will select a Fan Favorite.

If the bragging rights don’t sway you, We will also have prices including gift cards from our sponsors in the crossroads mall: Tutta Bella, Creatively yours ceramic studio, GameOver videogames and Ivars.

If you don’t feel you’re cut out to carve a pumpkin, why not be a contest judge?   We’re looking for 6 people to be on the judge’s panel.   If this interests you, please send an email to sfccbelelvue@hotmail.com  

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