Construction Project & Traffic Update

Hello Neighbor,

As many of you have noticed, construction work has begun on our south boundary, N.E. 24th. St.  There are actually two projects which are slated to be done here in the next few months.

The first involves the replacement of the water main on the north side of the street between 159th NE and 162nd NE.  We are told that it will be done on a block by block basis so that folks can enter and exit our community on the other open streets.  The south side of NE 24th will remain open and several flaggers will be there during work hours, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM to control and facilitate traffic flow.  We have been told by the City that there will be no detour signs guiding traffic through Sherwood Forest as the intent is to minimize cut-through traffic from this project.  Some homes will be impacted by temporary water shut-off, but those involved will be notified in advance so that they can make appropriate arrangements. We are told that water quality will remain high when service is re-started.  This entire project is due to be completed by May 1.

The second project will be done on a two-phase basis.  The current corner ramps at intersections along 24th St. are not ADA compliant and will be replaced by ones which are. The second phase involves the re-paving of NE 24th from 156th. NE to 166th NE. and will include a new crosswalk at 166th. The corner ramp work may begin prior to the start of summer vacation for Sherwood Forest and Overlake High Schools while the re-paving phase will probably occur during the vacation period and should only last a week or two.  We should know more about these activities as the City of Bellevue firms up the work schedules.

SFCC Traffic Committee