Happy Holidays from Sherwood Forest Community Club

DIGITAL CAMERAThe Sherwood Forest Community Club wishes you and your family a very Happy Holiday season.

While ’tis the season to be jolly, our Bellevue Police Dept. reminds us to remain on the lookout for any suspicious activities particularly when it is dark or rainy outside during mid-day. The Forest has had a recent home burglary while the owners were away during the day. With all the UPS and mail shipment activities up for the season, it is important to collect your home deliveries right away, or have them shipped to a pickup store. Keep your homes well lighted, side gates locked, bushes trimmed, and take a walk to help watch our Forest street activity. If you do notice anything suspicious, simply call 911 and report the activity. ( See our Block Watch section for additional links on security and emergency preparedness. )

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