Walgreens store update

Walgreens has provided the Sherwood Forest Community Club drawings of their new store construction at the former Uwajimaya site. Walgreens is the only officially store known for the building at this time. (drawings are provided to SFCC use only and are not authorized for publication).

Also, SFCC and two other Crossroads area concerned parties met with and submitted letters to the Bellevue City Planning Director to ensure the Angelos property retains its Commercial Business zoning as part of an earlier Crossroad area agreement. This zoning is similar to other Crossroads area properties and prohibits structures greater than 2 stories. Will keep you posted on the City’s repsonse.

2 thoughts on “Walgreens store update

  1. I am concerned about the driveway on the east side of the Walgreens site along 156th Ave. NE, the one that is the farthest to the north, almost right in the intersection of NE 24th Street and 156th Ave. NE. There are far too many accidents occurring because of cars trying to enter and exit through that driveway because it is too close to the intersection.

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