SFCC Virtual Board meeting May 27th at 7:00 pm (call opens at 6:30 pm) – Bylaws ballot results

Hello Neighbor,

The SFCC Board for this month moved to next Thursday May 27th. We invite you to join the Zoom Meeting at 7:00pm by following the link below.

As usual, we will begin the zoom session at 6:30 PM for you to join an informal conversation and address any technical issues with the connection.

In addition to our regular agenda, we will review the results for the Bylaws amendment article.

  • Ballots and votes of paid members will determine whether the amendment changes will be accepted or not
    • Ballot was sent with our last newsletter, please find it here. If you are a paid member you can vote by email as well.
  • We will consider the concerns brought up to the board

Virtual board meeting:

6:30pm – SFCC Board pre-meeting

Zoom session starts, this will allow you time to do a practice poll, fix any technical issues and get everyone comfortable with Zoom

7:00pm – SFCC Board meeting

Hope to see you there!

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